T.R. Armstrong Photography | About
I find it hard to write an about me blurb, but also feel it is important. Maybe something in this little bit that I write will give you a glimpse of me, because it has to be hard to pick a photographer blindly without knowing them!

So here you go...a list that somewhat sums up me...in no particular order!

  • I have an incredible husband. Besides being the love of my life, he is an amazing father. Unbelievable! Without him, I would be no where in this business. Loving. Patient. Understanding. Patient. Forgiving. Patient. As you can see, he is very patient with the long late hours I spend editing and refining.
  • Pieces of my heart walk around this earth all day. One piece, my oldest daughter, is 11, another daughter is 9, one son is 7 and my youngest is 4.

  • My God is my Savior, and loves me, even with all of my flaws. I would love to share my faith with you, just ask!
  • This business would never have sprouted without my T.R. My little babe that left footprints on my heart for the 20 weeks that God blessed me to carry him. My business is named honoring my little boy that I think of daily, and look forward to holding him whole and beautiful one day.
  • I obviously have a major love for photography. I get giddy when I see an image in camera and know that it is a "winner winner, chicken dinner"! I love getting to know my clients and their sweet little ones and watching them grow. Post processing is also a love! Seeing them transition into my vision is amazing!
  • I love to run, and also love competitive races...not because I am fast, it just gives me a goal to keep trying to beat. I don't want a photo of me running though, thanks!
  • I love my "big" family, as my kids refer to it! My mom and dad are amazing! They have raised 9 kids...and I think we are all pretty cool cats!

  • Other loves...chocolate and anything sweet! Coffee in the morning...always! Dancing with my kids! My kids belly laughing. Sleeping...although I don't get much of it...I LOVE it!

Well, I hope that your retinas are not too strained from all of that reading! Thanks for sticking with me, and I look forward to meeting you!