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Have you looked at them lately? Like really, examine them? Their emotions? Their changing minds? Their faces changing? And the growing! I think I am shrinking; the growing is happening so fast.


noelle blog-5945noelle blog-5945

noelle conversion blog-5991noelle conversion blog-5991

How in the world is she this big already? I am pretty sure, just last week, she was running around with bouncing little curls, collecting more things for her collections, dressing up in princess dresses, wearing her big sunglasses and an oversized hat, snuggling in tight when she was sad, asking me to rub her belly when she didn’t feel well, and having me sprinkle “magic” dust around her room to prevent bad dreams from coming!


Those memories feel like they were JUST. YESTERDAY.

noelle conversion-6080noelle conversion-6080


Whoa! Or Wow!

We are in that “inbetween” stage - the Tween Years. It is such an accurate description of where we are with our oldest. Moments of still needing us, and wanting us, to more often wanting independence, testing boundaries, and thinking in more mature ways.

noelle conversion blog-5959noelle conversion blog-5959

I am proud of this tween of mine. She really is an amazing kid. Caring, loving, laughing. Smart. She is so smart. For real, I think she surpassed me in the smarts departments! ;)

Crying. Oh yes. There is still crying, but it is different crying.

Feet stomping and door slamming. Those things happen on occasion over here, do they for you?

Please tell me, we aren’t the only ones balancing Tween emotions? I think often, “Is this for REAL?” I am pulling my hair out, and so is she, and my husband, well his hair is getting silver hightlights! ;)

noelle blog-6059noelle blog-6059


We kept hearing of these tween years. And being told, “Just you wait,” but didn’t really think we would arrive here so fast.

We. Are. Here.

And we have another girl trailing right up behind, that I am sure will bring even more excitement and emotion to our house.

I truly do love it. These years have pushed me in different ways than the little years. I have grown, and have realized even more so, how much I need to rely on God, and give ALL to Him. These years are pretty humbling. And, I know that it really is just the opening of a door to those way too soon to come, Teen Years.


noelle blog-6048noelle blog-6048

So, I wanted to capture it. I want to capture her sweetness, her sassiness, and her laughter. I think as parents we are great at capturing images and memories of our kids when they are “little and cute”. And somehow, capturing them during this transitional phase doesn’t happen.

They are starting to look older, but if you look closely, you can still see their sweet little kid face.

And, that friends, is where the idea of having Tween Sessions has come from.

Just your Tween.

Before this time passes.

Because we all know as parents, that time isn’t going to slow down. It is only going to get faster.

<3 Tara

Tween SessionTween Session


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There is always excitement around here... https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/2/there-is-always-excitement-around-here This post may not be for the squeamish...
Well...it isn't too bad now.

This is what we did last night.
Family room step - 1 Grant - 0

Thankful for my parents who dropped everything and were over to watch the big three and get them to bed.

My girls were awesome. Totally sprung into action. Cleaned up the blood on the floor, got brothers shoes and sweatshirt so we could leave.

Big G...bless his ever loving heart. Cried crocodile tears because he was worried for his little brother.

Long night in the E.R.

Total tough guy.
4 stitches. Very deep cut. Totally grossed me out.

He had ZERO crying (except for when he first hit his head).

Grateful for smart doctors and more so for their great bedside manner with him.

Beyond thankful that Tom was in town, the last two times (yes, this is the third time!) he wasn't home or he had to meet me at the hospital.

Red Popsicle. The reward when it was all over. And then he was back to his chatty, slightly grouchy self on the car ride home. He wouldn't share one bite!

Now for the tough part. Keeping him from doing some of his favorite things...wrestling, cops and robbers with his brother, hide and seek with his siblings.

This baby of ours. He is the one that continues to keep us on our toes. Always. Love him. Thank you God, for his little life that keeps our lives in constant excitement!

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It Goes Too Fast https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/2/it-goes-too-fast Dear Time,
It would be really great if you would just slow down a little bit. I still envision my almost 11 year old like this...with ringlet curls surrounding her face, bright blue eyes, and only three years old without any real worries. And then I see her in pictures now. Tall. Independent. Same bright blue eyes. Same inquisitive nature, just more mature. She no longer is chasing the seagulls on the beach. Instead, she walks and thinks and searches for shells...but is picky now about which ones she wants to keep. I probably should stop looking through our pictures from our recent trip to Florida. It sent me down this path of longing for her to be little, for just another day. She is a really cool almost 11 year old, and I am truly enjoying this age with her. On the brink of wanting to be a big person and wanting to still be little. She still wants to hang-hug, which about makes me lose my balance and fall over as she is only a few inches shorter than me. Yet she's pushing boundaries and showing a bit more of what the teen years are going to bring us all emotionally. Conversations with her now are more deep and meaningful. I love that too. But maybe, Time, just maybe you could freeze right now? That'd be great, ok?
Much love,
The Mom that is way to sentimental this morning... n-6376n-6376My Girl...

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I Heart Faces - Framed https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/3/framed It has been a long time.


Like a really long time.


But, I thought I would take the time to enter a photo into the iheartfaces contest! The link is below! You can check out some other great photos there as well.


The theme this month was "Framed." I thought this image was so fitting. Sweet little man framed between the bookcases at the local library and then hanging on to his Momma's frames...upside down none the less.


Love his blue sparkly eyes, with his bright blonde hair. Such a polite little guy that loved looking through the movies, playing on the computers, and reading Rainbow Fish.


Go have some fun looking through the other entries. Shoot, go enter your own image to join in the fun of the contest. This contest is for everyone. Give it a shot!




This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com

Photo Challenge Submission


Have a great week!


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Past Sessions https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/6/past-sessions Why do I always feel the need to apologize for the lack of blogging.  I am sorry.  I wish I were a little better, but it is always the last thing that "needs" done, and ends up being the last thing done...or not done! ;)  I am going to post some catch up shots from past sessions.  I love my clients.  I really, really love them!  I love it when we connect and can really be friends...chatting about life, the good, the bad, and the stressful!  I have a great job, with great flexibility...and tonight, I am feeling particularly blessed to have all that I do.


So, in no particular order (because it saves me time) here are some of my past sessions that you may have missed...


Mr. G - 9 months old...ummmm...this was a while back...and I am doing his one year session coming up soon...I have LOVED getting to know him and his mom and dad...sweetest people ever!greyson_5742

Miss E - NO WAY THAT SHE IS THREE ALREADY! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was taking her newborn shots...I adore her personality...and I think this shot captures her cute sassy-ness!


Miss K - Need I say more...newly fresh, sweet newborn!

kenlet_7163 kenley_7214 kenley_7226

Miss K and Miss C - These two little beauties are amazing little girls!  This first shot kills me with cuteness...and then the second one...HA! Come on, that is real life stuff there!  And the last one...I have been having fun with my umbrella...and Miss C looks adorable!

lestock_7870 lestock_8034 lestock_8150

That is my nephew in there...he has now arrived...just last week...and he is coming to see me TOMORROW!  Can't wait to capture his cuteness!!!

Mr. M - A stunning young man...that I remember as an itty bitty boy...I am starting to feel old here lately!


Miss R - My goodness, I love her cheekers!  She is so sweet, and her mom and dad are so fun to be with too!


Those are some...there are a few more to catch up with...but I am getting there! 

We have been having a fun summer so far!  Hope you and yours are as well!





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Pricing and Website https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/5/pricing-and-website Pricing and website is updated...take a minute to check it out.  Prices are effective for new sessions booked...which, right now, August is already halfway booked.  If you want a fall session, please send me a note and we can get you in the books!  Thanks!

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Under Construction! https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/4/under-construction Last week the dead end at the end of my street was under construction.  It has been turned into a cul de sac.  I am somewhat sad about this, because just beyond that dead end was a beautiful piece of property that was PERFECT for quick outdoor sessions!  Now, from what I hear, there will be two beautiful homes being built.  My son, Gabe, was thrilled.  We spent hours watching them work last week.  Morning. After lunch. After nap.  The workers were beyond sweet and would wave, honk, and wave again as he never stopped waiving!  We had great timing one afternoon.  We walked down to watch Gabe's "friends," which he affectionately called them, and they were just finishing cleaning off one of the rollers.  He was asked if he wanted to sit on it...ummmm...YES!  What was almost as cute as my son sitting there, was the worker/friend/machine operator immediately flipped his phone out and started taking pictures.  Melted my heart.  We profusely thanked him, and he thanked us for making his day.  He said that it was too fun to watch my little one stare in amazement at them!  Don't ask for a picture...I only have ones from my phone...kicked myself that day for not taking it with me.
I have a point here. I promise. 
Under Construction. Our neighborhood isn't the only thing under construction right now. By the way, Gabe can't wait until the houses start to be built!  Okay, reigning it back in...
My business is currently under construction.  I am navigating and learning more about the business and about me right now, which is causing some changes. 
The website is under construction, it needs a major overhaul! 
My pricing structure is under construction.  Session fees and print pricing will be changed and raised effective August 1st.  I have struggled greatly with this lately.  When to do it, what to set it at, and without going into an enormous explanation of all the conversations I have had with myself and God, it came down to a simple equation. 
What is the price I need for my time away from my family? 
Right now at this point in my life, they are my priority.  I don't want to miss chaperoning a field trip, volunteering in class or a game for work right now.  I originally chose that as my path about 8 years ago.  That path was chosen through much prayer and seeking of God's will.  For the most part, I have done pretty well at it, but there are "seasons" throughout the year where I feel like I am lacking as a mom and missing on time that I don't want to miss.  That is not what I want. 
Photography will always be here...my kids on the other hand won't.  They are growing and changing before my eyes, and although I love it, I wish I could bottle them up and keep them right where they are.  So, all of that to say, pricing structure is changing.  I am debating on other offers with the new pricing structure, but I haven't settled on it yet.  I just want you to know ahead of time that changes are coming!
The amount of sessions that I will accept in a month is also changing.  You see, I get last minute squeeze in emails all the time.  And for the most part, I accommodate those sessions.  I love the sessions, but it usually comes at my family's expense.  I hate saying no.  I hate not squeezing someone in, even if it totally cramps my life at that moment.  I really, really, really don't like to say no, as I am naturally a people pleaser.  But, I came to grips with the fact that I would rather upset a client (sorry!), and maybe even lose them (really, I don't want to lose anyone!!!!) than lose this time with my kids.  It isn't just the session time that is so consuming...emails, phone calls, set up, planning, travel time, session time, blogging, sneak peek updates, editing time, editing time, editing time...that is the biggest!
As of right now, I am booked through July. So, if you are hoping to have a session late this summer or fall, please get a hold of me! 
I also am going to be more strict with collecting my deposit to hold a session spot.  The business part of this business is not my forte, but I need to be better about it.  I hate to inconvenience any one, but it usually ends up me being inconvenienced when I don't follow through with good business practice!  I hope that makes sense!
So, as you can see, changes are happening all over...my neighborhood and my business!  I am hoping to get the new pricing structure up and listed soon...like within the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for listening and understanding!  Can't wait to help serve you and your family by capturing your memories!


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Mr. B... https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/3/mr-b So, I have been lacking..slacking?...in the blogging.  I have excuses...my laptop crashed or got a virus or is doing something funky, so I try to do all of my work out on our desktop.  I can still use the internet with my laptop, but I am not trusting it right now to do any sort of work.  So, all of my work time, is after the kids go to bed...and well, by that time I am pooped out!  Tonight worked out because Tom is STILL at work!  Seriously, it is 10:47 and he hasn't called to let me know he is on his way home.  At this point, he might as well stay the night!  Poor guy...I have chatted a few times with him, but it has been a crazy day for him, for sure!


Okay, back to the cutie pie that I am blogging about! Sorting through this session was so much fun!  He is such a cute baby...well one year old, now!  He looks so much like his grandpa to me...absolutely kills me...I love it! 


My history with this family goes way back...like way back to high school.  I know, I know, I only look 21, but really, high school was a long time ago! ;)  I played shortstop, and momma of Mr. B, was catcher.  She was an outstanding catcher...I on the other hand was not that great of a shortstop. :)  Thankfully, I can catch a moment on camera better than I can catch a throw down from the catcher! ;)  Those were fun days though!  In fact, it makes me itch to go play catch with someone...that might be on the "to do" list this weekend!


Fast forward some years...I started taking pictures of Mr. B's big brother, and was in contact with momma here and there, and through FB...the great social network! :)  And, then, come to find out, we were both pregnant again, and due just weeks apart.  We had it set up to do Mr. B's newborn pictures, knowing it would be pushing it for me, but with Mr. B not being due for a couple weeks after Grant, I figured we could get it to work out! 


We were set and good to go...and it almost worked!


Grant was a c-section, and when he was being delivered, he aspirated fluid and filled his lungs to the max!  He was blue, not crying, and I freaked out on the operating table.  He was handed an immediate pass to the NICU.  It makes my heart race thinking back to that day, and the days to follow. 


NICU day 3, sitting in the rocker, watching my baby boy still working hard to breathe, and a familiar face appeared.  I had totally forgotten that Mr. B's grandma worked in the NICU where we were.  When I saw her, my heart skipped a beat.  It was such a welcomed relief to see her, and know that she would help take good care of my little baby boy. 


Then, as we continued to chat, she tells me that Mr. B was also born...ON THE SAME DAY AS MY GRANT!!! Seriously, what are the odds?  It was so cool, but yet, at that point, I knew there was no way that I would be up for a newbie session within the next 10 days!  That little turkey, he was supposed to wait for me! :)  I still think it is a fun story.  I will never forget Mr. B's birthday, and I will always be grateful for the care my little guy received from his grandma. Seriously, she was heaven sent, I have no doubt!


One last cool thing...we currently live in the same neighborhood as grandma and grandpa...so I get to see them and catch up more than I ever would have before.  They are a cool family.  I am so honored to be able to capture a few memories for them, and it never ceases to amaze me at God's divine plan and working in my life. 


So, now that you stuck with me through that whole long story, here is what you were waiting for!  


Mr. B...

Happy One Year Birthday Sweet Little Boy!






Hope your Birthday was a SMASH!



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Sweet Little Darling! https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/2/1 TWO DAYS IN A ROW!  Get out of TOWN!  Yep, I am pretty proud that I am doing this two days in a row!  This sweet little darling girly had me the minute I saw her!  It took her just a bit to warm up to me, but by the end she was holding my hand, sitting in my lap, and wanting to see "the baby" that was in my camera!  Of course, she did all of this while making sure her momma was very near by!  Precious, just precious!  This is the first image I edited from this session.  I liked the light, her expression, her feet (I know...you will get tired of me and baby feet!).  I am a huge fan of close ups, but this one won me over. 


Just some fyi info...this session took place in her home.  It was fabulous, and definitely aided in helping the little sweetie open up and warm up quickly!  Many clients worry that their house doesn't have enough natural light, but if you have a window, we can make it work! :)



Tuesday...one of my favorite days of the week! Hope yours is a good one!






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Back to Blogging! https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/2/back-to-blogging- I do. I really, really, really want to begin blogging. Again. It seems that I put it on the back burner, but it is a great way for me to share my sessions, and to share a bit more of me too!  I think that Facebook is great, but you only get little snipits of a session.  If you want to know me a little more before you hire me, then why not read about me, find out what I like, my style tastes, and see if I am going to be a fit for what you are looking for.  I won't be a fit for everyone, I know that, but that is just another cool aspect of this business.  There are many of us out there, but there are even more of you! :)


For those of you who don't know yet, I am obsessed with baby feet.  Actually I love all children tootsies, piggies, toesies!  Well, until they hit a certain age.  My oldest is about at the age where they start to become less cute...perhaps it is because her foot is almost as big as mine...they are starting to look like adult feet.  Adult feet, I am NOT obsessed with!  Anyway, I find myself always trying to capture the feet in almost every session.  Here is a set of the latest piggies I got to play with...
noah_bw3532 So, that is about it for now!  If you want to catch more of me...well, like from well over a year ago...you can check out my old blog at: www.trarmstrongphotography.blogspot.com.  When I figure out how to connect that one to this one, it will be swell, but don't hold your breath...please.  It could be dangerous for you to do that. :) 

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fabulous week!






tarmstrong1118@bex.net (T.R. Armstrong Photography) Baby Feet https://tarmstrong.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/2/back-to-blogging- Mon, 27 Feb 2012 16:49:03 GMT